Mind the Gap: Tending the interface of art & therapy - Exhibition

Between Spaces

Kodak ektachrome film printed on chromajet photopro 240 gloss paper
2 photographs: 50 x 50 cm

This work explores liminal space. As art therapists, we often navigate ‘betwixt and between’ (Sibbet 2005) the visual and the verbal, the conscious and the unconscious, and the space between safety and exploration of risk. This experience is reflected in the shades of light and dark, the peaks and troughs of the landscapes, and the space or ‘gap’ between the two images.

Sibbett, C. (2005). ‘Betwixt and Between: Crossing Thresholds.’ In D Waller & C Sibbet (Eds.), Art therapy and cancer care, pp.12-37. Maidenhead, Berkshire: Open University Press

Exhibited in 'Mind the Gap – Tending the Interface of Art and Therapy'

Western Sydney University Gallery - 27 October 2018

From early training days as emerging art therapists to professionals in the field, the call to maintain an arts practice reverberates throughout the career of art therapy practitioners and educators. But how is this creative expression cultivated within the matrix of work, family and community commitments? In Mind the Gap, a group of multi-generational art therapists have responded to this challenge by carving out precious time to produce new work or reconnect to their creative practice through the act of exhibiting artwork to new audiences. Tending to this important part of the art therapist’s ongoing professional development, Mind the Gap has been co-curated by Joy Paton and Anita Lever to provide a creative platform for generating important conversations about the ‘interface’ where art and therapy overlap and co-exist. Through the act of exhibiting, art therapy practitioner-educators from the Western Sydney University Master of Art Therapy program are visibly ‘minding the gap’ to ensure the space between can be collectively negotiated in a way that honours the individual arts practice of each participating artist.

Exhibiting Artists: Andrew Bromley, Catherine Camden-Pratt, Johanna Davies, Kate Deacock, Mandy Evans, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Joanna Jaaniste, Anita Lever, Joy Paton, Suzanne Perry, Martin Roberts, Sheridan Linnell and Sarah Versitano

Speakers: Opened by Professor Brian Stout, Deputy Dean, School of Social Sciences and Psychology

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